the inspiration

behind the scenes look at a hack poet’s process

The inspiration for ‘girls will be girls‘ was in part receiving a book of poetry from my sweet cousin, and I was struck with a) how similar in style and sentiment it was to my own writings b) how simple and effective the format and design work was and c) I really enjoyed the poetry. Thanks to much meditation on the question: Why not be a writer as you tend to write write write and feel feel feel and make make make? I found myself energized and focused, creatively, for the first time in years.

Thus the ball began to roll. the writing has always been there, I have journals from as young as age 7 or 8 all the way up to now filling boxes under my bed. I have kept as many scraps of paper I drunkenly scrawled on as I could from those years, and every college notebook had at least a dozen pages of poems and doodles between the science notes. I was delighted to find that I was in fact a writer and had the hard proof in hand.

And so I decided 2 things- a) that everything that has ever hurt me must have a place in this story, this life of mine, and maybe through some magic of my existence I can make those painful things beautiful, relatable and transformative? Maybe even weave them into the happier, prettier, more loving things in life. and b) that I must be ready to move forward because I have been archiving all these written works and that is work in itself on top of the work of writing, and I can let that be enough.

I began to edit the most recent works in earnest and with deep love and respect. I chose to curate pieces for the shortest and smallest form of my vision, for simplicity. The scope was a snapshot of my mind from arm’s reach of the wreckage of my marriage and community in 2015, but I would hardly say that is what this book is “about.” This book is about being allowed to be in this world.

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